Aston Martin DB 5

3D model of an Aston Martin DB 5 Mission: Working with car modeling and shading techniques. Client: Self promotion


3D visualization of a pair of headphones and an iPod. Mission: Visualize a fake product. Client: Self promotion

Tom 'Tomson' Lindquist

Music video: Tom Lindquist

Music video to promote the talent of Tom ’Tomson’ Lindquist. 6 months after this video was premiered, Tom was hired by one …


Web shop: Elisabeth design

A complete web shop, with clothes in different sizes, coupon system for discount prices and payment system. Mission: Web site, design and …

Kirow 1200

Trafikverket: information film

Information film to show the new track change crane Kirow 1200. Link to the film on YouTube. Mission: Production of the information …

Ebbot & Meja at Hovs Hallar

Consert film: Ebbot & Meja

Last minute, almost secret, live performance of two of Swedens’ greatest voices. Mission: Capture the live performance Client: Seven sisters network

IB expo

IB expo: Light design

The IB expo is all about the music. But why not put the music in some great light? Some of the world class …

Tenderness video

Tenderness video

Music video for artist Meja. Made exclusively for Japanese television. Here’s a promotional clip, including Mejas’ video. Mission: Produce a music video Client: …

Heavenly chaos

Heavenly chaos

Video art performed together with Swedish group The Soundtrack of our lives, at Melodifestivalen 2012. Art by Meja, video produced by Fredrik …

Electric motor

Electric motor

Showcase of the parts of an electric engine. A film about how the engine is assembled is under development. Mission: Assembly of a …